Country Prime Meats Partners With ePallet to Become More Green

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Canadian company leverages ePallet's AI-driven platform to optimize logistics and reduce carbon footprint

Country Prime Meats, one of the largest meat snack/sausage producers in Canada, producing award-winning snacks since 1996, announced its partnership with ePallet. ePallet, the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform, gives customers direct access to a more efficient and cost-effective way to buy and sell food and consumables in full-pallet increments.

“We chose ePallet to help us reach a more diverse customer base through the highly effective system they have implemented,” said company president Peter Springmann. “With our premium quality Best Bites, formulated with a very clean list of ingredients, our goal is to reach a broad consumer base, from supermarkets, outdoor stores, food service and also targeting bars and pubs. Best Bites are ideal for consumers that want a quick protein bite on a hike or on a road trip to a complimentary snack with cheese, crackers a beer or some wine. Best Bites are ideal for any occasion.”

“Because ePallet takes on every detail of servicing pallet-quantity customers, including freight, billing and customer service, we’re looking forward to a reduction of overall operating costs. We like the fact of getting the product to market effectively which means getting the products to end consumers with lower costs, but also more economically, which supports our mentality at the production facility ever since the start in 1996 by the Springmann family. For more than 5 years now, the plant has been considered a completely carbon neutral production facility. Since we are located in the middle of nature, we want to respect our environment by being very conscious of our waste of energy," stated Mr. Springmann.

“ePallet has been a pleasure to work with and the ideal strategic partner who mirrors our values,” says Peter Springmann, Owner, Country Prime Meats.

“We are excited to partner with Country Prime Meats and provide a true competitive edge for them while helping them become a more sustainable company,” James Kwon, CEO, ePallet.

ePallet (, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, offers an innovative approach that disrupts the traditional supply chain where layers of middlemen typically add markups of 10 percent to 40 percent. With ePallet's machine-learning platform delivering "True Wholesale," customers benefit from real-time, net-net delivered pricing in full-pallet increments.

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